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Rent a Red Air

rent a Red Air inflatable paddleboard

Whatever your travelling plans, Red Air paddleboards will be the answer. Thoroughbred paddleboard performance, yet they pack away into a small and extremely portable bag. Take them on the boat, in the boot, on the bike, in the van, on the plane...

rent a Red Air inflatable paddleboard

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Starting your own rental business?

If you're looking to start your own SUP rental business then do let us know. We'll be more than happy to promote your business on this website, at no cost to you.

We'd also seriously recommend that you consider using Red Airs and the other NZ Paddle Company for your business. For starters, you simply won't find better equipment for the rental environment. We've been there, we know. You watch your boards getting ever more chipped and dinged, and looking less and less desirable as rentals, let alone having any resale value! But the Red Air inflatables are so tough, they just soak up the punishment.

We've been testing the Red Air product at our windsurfing centre over the last few months and can confirm that it's amazingly tough and durable. Despite being in daily use and getting bashed about on the rocks and tarmac surfaces, the board looks good as new, unlike our solid paddleboards which are all showing substantial wear and tear. The performance is also a source of constant surprise to people trying it for the first time as it's so much better than people expect an inflatable board to be able to deliver. We are very pleased with the product and are definitely looking at getting more Red Airs for our centre.

Alan, Mad Loop Windsurfing
Lake Pupuke, Auckland

This durability, coupled with the best prices going, makes them a no-brainer. But there's also another very important consideration - Red Air boards are kind to your clients! Especially for use with youngsters, their softness makes them the absolutely ideal tool. It's all too easy for people to take a knock from a paddleboard, especially if you're in the surf environment. You can put all those worries behind you if you're using Red Airs. So give NZ Paddle Company a call now to discuss your hire plans...